LeaseQuery Customer, Harvest Hosts, Boasts Immediate ROI With StackShine SaaS Spend Management Adoption

by | Sep 26, 2023

After implementing LeaseQuery’s Stackshine software, Harvest Hosts gained immediate visibility into 200+ previously untracked SaaS applications – improving budgeting, security, and forecasting

ATLANTA – September 26, 2023Stackshine, powered by LeaseQuery, a fast-growing provider of software built to efficiently manage companies’ largest areas of spend, today published a report on the ongoing success that Harvest Hosts experienced using Stackshine software. The company offers an RV membership program that allows self-contained travelers to overnight at unique locations around the country.

Starting in 2020, Harvest Hosts underwent explosive growth, with interest in RV travel increasing. As the company continued to grow its network and membership, its reliance on SaaS applications to help run the business increased as well. With more software came more invoices and added security concerns, driving Harvest Hosts to implement Stackshine to address its software subscription challenges.

“After the RV travel boom in 2020, we quickly realized we needed to find a way to increase visibility into our software subscriptions,” said Leigh Ann Schultz, CFO at Harvest Hosts. “We kept getting surprises with new invoices and payment terms, and I knew this problem would not get any better if we didn’t address it. Luckily, this was where Stackshine came into play.”

With the adoption of Stackshine, Harvest Hosts saw immediate success including the uncovering of 200+ software subscriptions, increased real-time visibility into software subscriptions, and significantly less time spent both onboarding and offboarding employees.

“As organizations scale, manually tracking software spend becomes complex and expensive, and this is where SaaS spend management plays a crucial role,” said George Azih, CEO of LeaseQuery. “Prior to implementing Stackshine, Harvest Hosts had little insight into software budget or oversight of which subscriptions were being used. Now, they can efficiently budget, save on expenses, and track down software spend and usage.”

Stackshine, powered by LeaseQuery, automatically detects your organization’s software applications, replacing manual processes with a centralized dashboard providing full visibility into software usage at your organization. With hundreds of direct integrations, Stackshine provides deeper usage insights than the competition, showing you where you can eliminate unused licenses, consolidate duplicate subscriptions, right size licenses, and improve security. Millions of dollars of cost savings have been identified for our customers. Stackshine also saves time with an easy-to-use software catalog for employees, alerts for newly discovered software or upcoming renewal dates, and automated employee onboarding and offboarding.

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