LeaseQuery named #1 Lease Accounting Solution 3+ Years in a Row

LeaseQuery is #1
in lease accounting!

LeaseQuery has been rated #1 for lease accounting with the highest ranking customer satisfaction and overall G2 score every quarter for over 3 years. See how LeaseQuery stacks up based on real user feedback.
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LeaseQuery is the right choice for the long haul

LeaseQuery is a proven solution supporting 8,000+ organizations across public and private companies, government, and public sectors. Our scores prove our customers are satisfied with our ability to help them transition to and maintain compliance with the new lease accounting standards.

LeaseQuery is an enterprise and mid-market leader. 97% of users rated LeaseQuery 4 or 5 stars, 98% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend LeaseQuery Accounting Software at a rate of 93%.

Satisfaction Scores

LeaseQuery is above average in every single satisfaction score category, including best usability, ease of use, ease of setup, quality of support, and much more.

G2 Customers Love LeaseQuery

As the G2 leader for both mid-market and enterprise, LeaseQuery’s lease accounting software is perfect for your business—no matter the size. Schedule a demo and see how we can simplify your lease accounting.

Bianca C

Extremely User Friendly and Resourceful Software for one of the Most Challenging Accounting Areas

LeaseQuery is super easy to dive into and use. The staff are great at providing resources and the site itself is very intuitive, with hundreds of resources and examples.

Accounting Admin

LeaseQuery makes consolidating and reporting leases easy!

The software is web-based so that it can be accessed anywhere and, with the single sign-on option, you can ensure that only those required to have access can use the software. They value customer feedback and are always seeking ways to improve the produce by incorporating suggestions from users.

Pat J

Growing tool adding features to help fill in gaps, been generally impressed

The growth/tool of the system initially was a little less intuitive, but they’ve added some features. It’s inexpensive and keeps improving.

Amy D

Easy to use software

LeaseQuery has been a great tool to house all of our lease data and generate the appropriate disclosures for SEC reporting. The reporting benefits are a huge time saver. Doing this manually would have taken so much more time and would leave more room for errors. We know the system is accurate and complete so we can rely on the reports produced from the system.

Accountant in Manufacturing

LQ has provided me and my team with prompt and precise support during our GAAP 842 transition

Quick and helpful response times from both the direct support teams and the accounting teams. I would suggest to engage in business with Lease Query software if you are looking to enhance your Lease Accounting capabilities.

Jeremiah C

Lease Query Delivers Excellent Customer Experience

The ability to generate journal entries and reports from the software has resulted in massive time savings for our team. We have access to data that we have not had in the past.