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  • Stop Wasting Time. Automate critical tasks like onboarding, offboarding, license assignment, etc.
  • Stop Searching For Data. Track 100s of SaaS applications out-of-the-box – from GSuite and Microsoft to smaller tools that add up.
  • Never Miss a Renewal.Get alerts for renewals and expirations. Avoid unexpected charges and have time for renegotiations.
  • Eliminate Overspending. Uncover and reduce costs from unused applications, excess seats, and bad contracts.

Software Asset Management that Unites IT and Finance

Key Features

  • Software Asset Management

    Manage your software assets and see what is in use across your ecosystem to uncover shadow IT, duplicate software, zombie subscriptions, and more with our powerful integrations and comprehensive dashboard.

    Software Asset Management
  • Software Catalog for Employees

    Utilize the software catalog to provide employees with a centralized and convenient place to request access to approved software.

    Software Catalog for Employees
  • SaaS Operations Management

    Efficiently automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses when onboarding and offboarding employees.

    SaaS Operations Management
  • Spend Forecasting & Insights

    Track renewals and upcoming charges, derive budgetary insights to eliminate unnecessary costs, forecast spend based on licensing and recent trends, and more with automated notifications from our dashboard and reports.

    Spend Forecasting & Insights
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“Sometimes you just can’t know what you don’t know, but with this platform, the information was there waiting for us.”

Leigh Ann Schultz


What is a SaaS Management Platform?

A SaaS management platform (SMP), like FinQuery Software Management, discovers, manages, automates, and optimizes software and SaaS applications in a single system of record for an organization.

These SaaS management tools provide full visibility into software usage and costs for both IT and finance and are critical to software management and spend optimization, supporting data-driven decisions.

An SMP is part of a comprehensive software asset management solution providing continuous SaaS discovery and creating transparency for access, usage, and administrative information, like financial, contract, and governance data, in a single dashboard.

SaaS Management Platform

How does SaaS Operations Management Discover Savings?

SaaS management software empowers IT operations administrators to enhance the utilization and security of SaaS applications. They assist organizations in comprehending the following:

  • Which software applications are being used
  • To what extent they are being used
  • Who has access

FinQuery’s Software Management solution is a SaaS management platform that automatically detects your organization’s software applications, eliminating shadow IT and preventing software sprawl.

With direct integrations, browser extensions, and plug-ins, FinQuery Software Management works with the tools you already have to provide full visibility into your software usage and help you manage your software portfolio.

StackShine Software Spend Management Software Catalog
StackShine Software Spend Management Software Catalog

In addition to the savings you get from discovering overlapping and underutilized apps, FinQuery’s Software Management platform also saves you time with an easy-to-use software catalog for employees, alerts for newly discovered software and upcoming renewal dates, automated employee offboarding, and more.

Relying on manual processes to manage software and software spend is tedious, but using the right software management solution simplifies software spend optimization, aligns IT and finance teams, and increases overall transparency.

SaaS Management: Why Now?

The average organization has more than 125 SaaS applications, creating headaches for IT and big expenses for finance. In fact, SaaS is one of the top three expenses for many organizations, with an average per employee spend of more than $3500/yr and growing…

Don’t think you’re one of those organizations? You may be surprised.

Gartner posits the average IT team is only aware of one-third of the software applications in use at their organization. Because software subscriptions are so prevalent and affordable to the individual, they’re often purchased on an employee p-card to solve a single-person or functional team problem without looping in the IT team.

All those unknown apps become shadow IT and are attached to shadow contracts and shadow spend.

Applications In Use

While these purchases are usually made with good intent they add up to big headaches:

  • Software that has not been approved by IT may come with security risks or be hard to support.
  • Software licenses purchased without IT or finance’s knowledge may become zombie subscriptions the organization pays for but doesn’t use because no one remembers they have them.
  • Purchasing software outside the normal procurement process may also lead to duplicate or redundant subscriptions across teams resulting in less favorable pricing because a central negotiator and bulk discounts are not applied.

With every organization using some form of SaaS today, these issues are cropping up everywhere. But only about half of organizations are taking an organized approach to deal with it.

Leading organizations are seeking out SaaS management solutions with software spend management features, like FinQuery Software Management, to get better visibility and control over their software estate.

These software spend management features help companies discover, track, and optimize their software to mitigate risk, unlock savings, and improve efficiency. Companies that haven’t invested in a SaaS management solution are less capable of preventing things like wasted software spend, breached accounts, and wasted IT team time.

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FinQuery’s Software Asset Management Features

SaaS Software Catalog

Software Catalog

A centralized and convenient way for employees to request software access enables license management.

Software Application Discovery

App Discovery

FinQuery automatically detects your organization’s software applications, eliminating shadow IT and mitigating software sprawl.

Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Get notified of new subscriptions, upcoming renewals, unusual charges, and more for proactive SaaS spend optimization.

Security Monitoring

Security & Compliance

Visibility into software usage enables you to better monitor security and comply with data governance rules.

Employee Offboarding

Employee Offboarding

Automatically remove employees from integrated software for easy SaaS administration and see exactly where to remove loose-end access.

Critical Integrations

Critical Integrations

Integrate directly with your most important business applications to track usage, enable workflows for onboarding and offboarding, optimize licenses, and reduce costs.

Employee Collaboration

Simple Collaboration

Invite workspace administrators to collectively manage vendors, uncover expenses, track licenses, and a lot more in one SaaS management platform.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

View spending, usage, activity, and licenses at aggregate and department levels to effectively manage software subscriptions.

Software Subscription Calendar

Subscription Calendar

See the timing of past and future software expenses for simple budgeting and efficient cash flow forecasting.

File Management

Contract Management

FinQuery provides a centralized repository for all the contracts, invoices, and files you need when reviewing or managing a vendor.

FinQuery: SaaS Native Software
Asset Management

Book a call to see how FinQuery can help:

  • Tracking and optimizing all software licenses & subscriptions.
  • Automating tedious IT tasks such as license deprovisioning.
  • Unlocking savings with our advanced spending insights.