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SaaS Savings Calculator

Contract Tracker

See all of your important financial contracts in one place.
SaaS Contract Tracker

Software Contract Tracker

Use this free tool to keep tabs on all of your software contracts in one place.
SaaS Savings Calculator

Software Savings Calculator

See how much your organization could save by eliminating wasted software spend with FinQuery Software Management.
Lease Asset Tracker

Lease Asset Tracker

Use this free lease tracking spreadsheet to easily document your leases.
GASB 87 Lease Tracker

GASB 87 Lease Tracker

Use this free tool to create an inventory of your lease under GASB.
GASB 87 Lease Identifier

GASB 87 Lease Identifier

Use this free tool to determine if you have a lease under GASB 87.
Finance vs Operating Lease Classification Tool

Lease Classification Test

Determine if your leases are classified as finance or operating leases under ASC 842.
Lease vs Buy Calculator

Lease vs. Buy Calculator

Perform a break-even analysis with our free Lease vs Buy excel template.
GASB 96 (SBITA) Contract Tracker

SBITA Contract Tracker

Use this GASB 96 tool to document your subscription arrangement data.
GASB 96 SBITA Identifier for Multi-Contracts

SBITA Identifier for Multi-Contracts

Analyze multiple contracts for subscription arrangements under GASB 96.
GASB 96 SBITA Identifier Tool

GASB 96 SBITA Identifier

Quickly determine if you have a SBITA under GASB 96.
GASB 87 RFP Template

SaaS Spend Management RFP

Use our Software Spend Management RFP Template to help you evaluate software management platform vendors.
Lease Accounting Software RFP Template

Lease Accounting Software RFP

Use our RFP to start evaluating lease accounting software vendors today.
GASB 87 RFP Template

GASB Lease Accounting RFP

Use our GASB-specific RFP to start evaluating software vendors today.
Embedded Lease Tool

Embedded Lease Test

Use this free tool to determine if your contract contains a lease.
Present Value Calculator

Present Value Calculator

Calculate the present value of expected payments under the new standards.