Stackshine Co-Founder, Chris Curran, on the Cutting Edge of SaaS Spend Management Joins LeaseQuery Following Acquisition

by | Oct 19, 2023

ATLANTA, October 19, 2023 – Stackshine, powered by LeaseQuery, a fast-growing provider of software built to efficiently manage companies’ largest areas of spend, announced Chris Curran as Director of Sales, SaaS Spend Products following its recent acquisition. Co-founded by Tyler Diaz and Chris Curran, Stackshine’s software is a leading name in the SaaS spend management industry, offering companies a solution to optimize software spend and usage. With a track record of entrepreneurship that has helped to shape the landscape of SaaS spend management, Curran’s journey stands as a testament to the value of education and innovation he brings to the company.

The current state of SaaS spend management is more dynamic than ever, with businesses recognizing the need for efficient solutions to optimize their largest areas of expense beyond payroll. Under Curran’s leadership, Stackshine has pioneered industry evolution, developing inventive solutions that revolutionize how companies manage their software subscriptions.

LeaseQuery’s acquisition of Stackshine marks a strategic move in leveraging Curran’s expertise in focusing on a company’s most significant areas of spend. This collaboration promises to bring a new era of efficiency to SaaS spend management, enhancing the value offered to LeaseQuery’s clients.

“I’m excited to join LeaseQuery, a company that shares my passion for simplifying complex processes,” said Curran. “But it goes well beyond just that. The culture and team at LeaseQuery were some of the primary drivers that drew my co-founder, Tyler Diaz, and me to combine our teams. Together, we look forward to reshaping the future of spend management and bringing greater value to businesses worldwide.”

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Curran has continually demonstrated how higher education can be a cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. With his expertise, commitment and guidance, the future of SaaS spend management is poised for exciting advancements.

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