From Coffee Shops to Corner Offices: How LeaseQuery Built a Brand Accountants Can Trust

by | Oct 11, 2019

What do you do when you’re tasked to fix a problem with no simple solution? Well, you figure it out. And if you know what you’re doing, you build a solution that makes this task simpler in the future so you don’t have to keep fixing problems. That’s how LeaseQuery was born.

After many months and late hours at a local Starbucks, Founder and CEO, George Azih started LeaseQuery with one goal in mind: to provide a comprehensive and easy to use lease accounting solution accountants could trust. And now, with over 900 satisfied clients, LeaseQuery is the most trusted lease accounting software company in the World.

There are several factors that have gone into everything about LeaseQuery – from getting our first dollar to building a valued solution to maintaining a brand that people can trust.

A solution that’s not a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘need to have’

While LeaseQuery is a part of the larger group of booming tech companies in Atlanta, there’s something that makes this solution different. LeaseQuery solves a problem that’s already there – helping companies seamlessly transition to the new lease accounting standards and manage their leases in one centralized location.

“One repository that will hold all of our information. That definitely made sense. The reporting around it is nice because it’s not Excel where we have to manipulate all the data – it’s just all there,”

—Garret Sheffield, Assistant Controller at Cologix

LeaseQuery’s CPA-approved lease accounting software has enabled hundreds of companies across all sectors to ensure compliance across multiple standards. It was Azih’s experience as an accountant and his understanding of that inspired him to create and maintain this purpose-built solution, taking the complication out of compliance.

As LeaseQuery’s Vice President of Accounting, Jennifer Booth says, “When George was asked questions about LeaseQuery, his answer was always ‘we designed it this way because that’s how the guidance says it should be.’ That was another reason that drew me, because a lot of other experience I have had is ‘we’re doing it this way because that’s the easiest’ or ‘that will work’ or ‘that’s what most people are doing’.”

A team backed by decades of accounting knowledge

Aside from building a top notch accounting software, the team at LeaseQuery has spent time recruiting several seasoned accountants to help guide the direction of the solution and build upon the vision of the brand. The company’s extensive accounting history across departments makes trusting the software and the team behind it nearly effortless.

“We got a good feeling from the demo that the knowledge and expertise was there.”

—Alyssa Mertes, Manager of Financial Reporting, Johnson Outdoors

“I was very impressed with their knowledge of the standard and how it works with the software. Compared to the other vendors, they seemed to have a better understanding of the accounting behind it and how the client is going to actually use the software to report on that,”

—Mark Jones, Jr., Controller at Goosehead Insurance and successful LeaseQuery customer.

“We chose LeaseQuery because we recognize them as a leader not only in lease management but also lease accounting, especially the new lease accounting rules.”

—Missy Whitehill, Operations Manager, Scotland Wright

Getting it right for our customers

LeaseQuery’s CPA-certified, compliant software was built to help accountants and other finance professionals eliminate lease accounting errors and provide peace of mind when it comes to achieving and maintaining compliance. LeaseQuery’s team of specialized lease accountants are in place to support clients every step of the way from implementation to achieving compliance and beyond.

There isn’t necessarily just one feature, functionality or team member that has contributed to LeaseQuery’s rapid growth. It has taken a multitude of events to get to this point. There’s no better explanation of how beneficial and reliable our software and the staff behind it is than from the words of our customers themselves.

“The review and approval functionality, that was something we never even thought to look for. But when that was presented by LeaseQuery, we obviously realized it would be a really great control function to have in the system.”

—Madeline Middleton, Assistant Controller

“Overall process was streamlined, efficient, and effective. Couldn’t imagine it going any easier. Highly recommend software to others.”

—Melissa Barron, Director of Accounting, Diamond Offshore

“LeaseQuery actually has a technical person who we are able to talk to who understands the new accounting guidance and understands the ins and outs and decisions that need to be made.”

—Stephanie Henning, Sr. Manager of Financial Reporting

“Based on the number of leases and current level of disaggregation, combined with the level of understanding of IFRS 16 required to properly account for leases, we determined that it would be completely impractical to track the ROU and Lease Liability without a lease specific software.”

—Weston Curtis, Senior Corporate Accountant, Boart Longyear

Shining a new light on lease accounting

LeaseQuery remains committed to providing an undeniable solution for an unavoidable problem. Because we have decades of accounting experience, a deep understanding of the new standards, a passionate team, proud customers, and a miraculous momentum of growth, LeaseQuery is uniquely positioned to resolve the lease accounting woes of our customers no matter their industry.

Lease accounting may not be the ‘sexiest’ of business topics, but when there’s value in the product being offered and empowerment in the knowledge at hand, any conversation can get a little more attractive, even lease accounting.

“This is a breath of fresh air for an occupation that’s usually treated with bored stares, long sighs and low blinks. As I signed off for the day, I found myself wondering what new funny would be waiting for me the next time I logged into LeaseQuery. And then I realized I was actually liking lease accounting for the first time in eight years.”

—Anna K., Publicly Traded Insurance Company

LeaseQuery’s reputation and trustworthiness makes us uniquely able to handle the needs of our customers.

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