September 2022 Accounting Tech Summit Recap

During LeaseQuery’s Accounting Tech Summit accounting and finance thought leaders discussed current challenges and frequently asked questions regarding technology and the accounting industry.

Summit Session Details

Session 1 – Ask the Accounting Expert Panel – How Technology Can Enable Your Accounting Functions

Jenifer Booth – VP, Accounting at LeaseQuery
Jason Parker – Senior Alliance Manager, LeaseQuery
Kelly Hummel – Director of Client Transformation, Net at Work
Wane Austin – Sales Engineer, Sage Fixed Assets
Angie Chase – Director of Global Fixed Assets & CAR/CIP App Lead, Precision Cast Corporation

Join a panel of experts from various finance, accounting, and business roles as they discuss their personal experience with using software for accounting and compliance. Panelists will provide insight into how to best utilize various softwares for accounting standard implementations and share tips on how Excel paired with the right technology can aid multiple accounting, finance and internal control processes. Throughout this session, our panelists will also cover questions submitted by the audience during registration on topics related to getting the most out of technology in any organization.


  1. Gain insight into how Excel paired with the right technology can help your organization achieve compliance with some of the new accounting standards, including ASC 842
  2. Review how technology can promote efficiencies and accuracy during month-end and year-end close processes
  3. Identify best practices for the successful application of Excel to critical processes and functions around your organization

Session 2 – Technology for Lease Accounting after Adoption

David Blackistone – Director, RSM
Laura Adams – Business Applications Manager, RSM

Join RSM as they explore important processes companies will need to consider post transition to the new lease accounting standard, ASC 842. The presenters will give an overview of what Day 2 lease accounting will look like and how companies can use technology to approach critical business decisions under the new rules and maintain compliance. We will then examine examples of common lease accounting transactions such as modifications and remeasurements, terminations, and impairments.


  1. Learn to recognize the effects of adoption on critical business decisions and the resources available to aid in these decisions
  2. Understand the processes and controls organizations must consider to promote compliance post transition
  3. Summarize the accounting treatment for lease transactions in everyday situations such as modifications and remeasurements, terminations, and impairments.

Session 3 – Lease Accounting Software: Identifying What’s Critical

Wesley Williams – Accounting Manager, LeaseQuery

During this session, the LeaseQuery team will present the key features and functionalities available in software providing value to your organization beyond lease accounting compliance. We will cover how the right software can enable inter-departmental collaboration while supporting internal controls and demonstrate how a software can enable improved efficiency and cost-saving benefits to your company. Finally, the presenters will review how an integrated lease accounting solution can simplify the accounting and processing of leases for the whole company.

  1. Examine software features that support internal controls and promote collaboration
  2. Recognize reporting functionality beyond compliance for financial insight and lease management
  3. Identify the importance of the digital transformation to the accounting profession and ways to get the most out of your ERP
  4. Explore the benefits of a seamless integration between your chosen lease accounting solution and your ERP

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