Kemper Chooses LeaseQuery After Previous AI Solution Proves Unsuccessful

The Challenge

After dabbling in an accounting solution with AI capabilities, Kemper found it didn’t fit their exact accounting needs. They learned early on that being one of the first customers of this AI software meant a lot of roadblocks including errors within the AI functionality itself and time-zone constraints when reaching out to customer support. These shortcomings stood in the way of productive and accurate reporting.

The Solution

LeaseQuery’s customer service is always helpful and often responds to any issues the same day they occur. Kemper believes LeaseQuery – both the solution and the team – is the best option to simplify their complex accounting needs moving forward.

“LeaseQuery continuously improves the software. We get updates on the continuous improvements during our monthly meetings with our customer success representative. It’s not a static process, they’re constantly improving based on user-experience and feedback.”

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