LeaseQuery named #1 Lease Accounting Solution 3+ Years in a Row

Frasier Enterprises Seamlessly Integrates
FinQuery with Acumatica

The Challenge

After growing beyond 200 leases, there was no simple way to continue tracking the data in the database as they transitioned to ASC 842. A report would fall apart once too much data was added. It would also take multiple emails to simply track down a lease, wasting time that could be used elsewhere. The manual process wasn’t going to work for a growing company.

The Solution

Once the team at Frasier Enterprises realized FinQuery would easily integrate with Acumatica, they decided to invest in the software. The team no longer has to manually enter everything themselves to do the calculations. After implementing LeaseQuery, over 600 leases were simply entered into the system.

“When we saw all of the things that FinQuery could do with the calculations, and then being able to send that over rather than manually entering the data in, we just knew it was going to be a time saver for us.”

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