Lease Accounting Software

SFFAS 54 Compliance 

Tested journal entries, amortization tables, and disclosure reports support compliance from lease entry to year-end disclosures and reporting.

Solution Built for Lessee & Lessor

Have lessee and lessor leases? LeaseQuery has you covered with our powerful accounting for both sides of the transaction.

Robust Reporting

Users have access to unlimited custom reports as well as a range of required reports and disclosures for SFFAS 54. Additional report functionality is added frequently.

Secure and IT Approved

  • Data validation ensures all edits to leases are approved before they are saved
  • Track all leases without risk of data breaches or human error
  • Configurable access levels allow you to let your employees view only the information they need
Secure and IT Approved Software Solution
Cloud-Based Lease Accounting Solution

Cloud-based Software Solution

  • Keep all your lease documents in a centralized location
  • View audit trails, lease entries, revisions, and approvals at the click of a button
  • Enter data and view changes in real-time


  • Generate automated journal entries for complex lease calculations
  • Set up critical alerts for payment dates, renewals, cancellations, and more
  • Custom and pre-built reports help provide transparency to your auditors
Automate Your Lease Accounting