Gear up for GASB 96!

The effective date for GASB 96 has passed. Where are you on the journey toward adoption?

Gather your GASB gear and we’ll help you along the way!

Learn all about SBITA Accounting

A good resource will help you along the way. Use our Ultimate SBITA Accounting Guide to learn all about GASB 96 and its requirements.

10 Easy Steps to GASB 96 Adoption

The first step of your compliance journey is knowing which direction to go. Our guide will help you navigate your way through the new standard.

SBITA Tracker

Use our SBITA Tracker to list all of the SBITAs you find along the way and make the task of recording all your SBITAs easy, whether you are using software or not.

Disclosure Requirements Explained

It’s important to always know what your end destination is. This article will explain the intricacies of the disclosure requirements under GASB 96.

Insights from the experts

Gain valuable advice from our GASB accounting experts as they shed light on some of the key lessons learned while helping clients adopt GASB 96.

Example of How to Account for a SBITA

Follow along as our accounting expert walks through a comprehensive example of identifying and recording a SBITA.

Need a little extra help determining whether or not you have a SBITA?

SBITA Identifier

The definition of a subscription-based IT arrangement is established in the guidance of GASB 96. Answer a few key questions in this tool to find all of your organization’s SBITAs.

Multi-contract Identifier

Already know you have a bunch of SBITAs? Use this tool to analyze multiple subscription arrangements in one place and have them ready to enter into a solution.

Need to implement GASB 87 & GASB 96 together?

We’ve got you covered for that also! Check out our How to Tackle GASB 87 & 96 Together Guide full of efficient tips for the adoption of both new standards at the same time.