The Right Technology to Simplify ASC 842 Compliance

Lease Accounting Software for Technology Companies

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Take the Guesswork Out Of Your Lease Accounting

Accurate Lease Accounting
Accurate Legacy Accounting

How confident are you in your ASC 840 lease accounting? ASC 842 offers many practical expedients for application to ease the transition process, if your legacy lease accounting is correct.

Embedded Lease Identification
Embedded Lease Identification

Do you have the resources to properly identify embedded leases? Many service contracts provide access to specific assets, such as servers or IT equipment, and may be defined as leases under the new rules.

Built for Lease Accounting
Built for Lease Accounting

A purpose-built lease software enables you to automate the most complex aspects of lease accounting while giving you confidence in your accuracy.

Your Guide to a Smooth Transition

Learn how to build a comprehensive lease inventory and accurately transition your leases.

Included in the guide:

  • Tips for a successful transition to ASC 842
  • How to identify the right person to lead your transition
  • Guidance on creating a five-year commitment schedule
  • Quick access to various other lease accounting resources and tools

See how LeaseQuery can simplify lease accounting for technology firms