The Easy Path From
Excel to LeaseQuery

Leave difficult spreadsheets for software that simplifies the accounting process.

We tried to comply with ASC 842 with Excel — see what we learned:

Leave Excel Behind in 3 Easy Steps


Gather Data

Consolidate your leases into one file with a unique identifier per lease/SBITA.


Input Your Leases

Enter the leases from your consolidated Excel file into LeaseQuery.


Finalize and Review

After inputting, reconcile and review your lease portfolio from LeaseQuery.

The Results are In: Excel Doesn’t Cut It

We recently surveyed accountants about their first ASC 842 audit. Here are some key findings from those who used Excel.

“Excel has limitations, partner with the right lease accounting tool”

Survey Respondent


said their audit took longer because of Excel


advise others to use software for ongoing compliance instead of Excel

Here are some important resources to help you navigate your path.

Make the Business Case for Lease Accounting Software

To comply with the new standards, your organization needs a more robust tool than Excel. This guide provides tips on making the business case for investing in lease accounting software.

Post-Transition Lease Accounting and the Value of Purpose-built Technology

Excel is excellent for many tasks. Lease accounting isn’t one of them. This webinar explains the value of using technology in contrast to Excel.

How to Keep Your Accounting Team Happy in 2023

Investing in lease accounting technology will help keep your accounting team happy. Automation gives accountants more flexibility, saves time, and reduces the risk of human error.

10 Topics to Consider When Creating an RFP for Lease Accounting Software

Accounting for all of your leases with Excel just isn’t feasible. This resource helps as you create an RFP for lease accounting software.

See Why Your Peers Chose Software over Excel

“Countless hours spent on updating lease extensions, contact information, deferred rent calculations, and the worry of misstating financials with a simple oversight or formula error. Since implementing LeaseQuery, many of those worries and doubts have gone away.”

Mike S.

Assistant Controller

Whichever direction you choose, finding the right software solution for your lease accounting needs is the desired destination. LeaseQuery is the perfect solution to help your organization comply with the new standards.