LeaseQuery named #1 Lease Accounting Solution 3+ Years in a Row

What impact has COVID-19 had on leases?

In 2020, LeaseQuery conducted a survey of more than 400 accounting and financial executives to analyze the impact COVID-19 has had on leases.

The COVID-19 Lease Impact Report: How Companies are Navigating Lease Accounting’s New Normal

The report results showed cost optimization, flexibility, and liquidity are now key goals driving companies’ plans to rightsize and renegotiate their real estate and leasing footprint in the next year.

Download this report for key statistics and eye-opening insights into:

Why organizations should make cutting costs a top priority

The significant focus companies should put on finding flexibility

How bolstering liquidity will help businesses plan for the future

The increased awareness of the lease accounting standards deadlines

In a time of continued volatility, companies should continue their path to recovery and growth by refining their lease strategy and readying for compliance with the new lease accounting standards as soon as possible.