LeaseQuery Helps LeDuff Consolidate Their Global Leases

LeDuff is now more confident about adopting the new standard


LeDuff is a global restaurant group with locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Due to the volume of their leases, they knew they needed to find a robust lease accounting software to help them transition to the new lease accounting standard.


After reviewing a few of our online resources and sitting in on a demo, LeDuff chose LeaseQuery. They liked that software’s ability to export journal entries and run custom reporting. LeDuff now feels more comfortable transition to the new lease accounting standard knowing they have a reliable software and a team of knowledgeable accountants to answer questions.

“It is going to help tremendously with our equipment leases, so all of our non-real estate leases will be in a repository which will be great. We did not have that before.”

– Stephanie Henning, Sr. Manager of Financial Reporting

LeDuff Case Study