LeaseQuery GASB 96 Product Tour

GASB 96 is effective for fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2022.

LeaseQuery’s GASB 96 solution allows you to easily and accurately account for subscription-based IT arrangements (SBITAs) today.

LeaseQuery offers:


Amortization schedules, journal entries, and required quantitative disclosures calculated for you


Fund-level modified accrual journal entries and organization-wide conversion entries to full accrual lease accounting


Trusted by 350+ GASB entities for simplified compliance and reporting


This 30-minute GASB 96 product tour goes over key features including:


GASB 96 Compliance

Amortization schedules and journal entries calculated for you. all required reports and disclosures ready out of the box

Fund Accounting

Get fund-level modified accrual journal entries and government-wide conversion to full accrual journal entries

Contract Tracking

Keep everything related to your subscription-based IT Arrangements (SBITA) in a cloud based central repository