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SaaS Spend Management Simplified

Unlock savings and insights by tracking your software subscriptions in one complete platform.

SaaS Spend Management Software

Key Features

Spending Insights

Eliminate unnecessary costs, duplicate softwares, zombie subscriptions and more with information from our access dashboard and vendor insights report.

Software Catalog

Contain software sprawl by providing employees a centralized and convenient catalog to request access to approved software.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Efficiently automate provisioning of licenses when onboarding and offboarding employees.

What is StackShine powered by LeaseQuery?

StackShine is an all-in-one platform providing full visibility into software spend and usage at your organization.

For many organizations, SaaS, or software as a service, is one of the top three expenses on their income statement and includes over 125 different applications on average.

With StackShine, track and optimize your software subscriptions to unlock savings, effortlessly onboard and offboard, and get visibility into your software landscape.

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How does it work?

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StackShine automatically detects your organization’s software applications, eliminating shadow IT and mitigating software sprawl. With hundreds of direct integrations, as well as browser extensions and plug-ins, StackShine works with the tools you already have to provide full visibility into your software usage and help you manage your software portfolio.

In addition to the cost savings you get from discovering overlapping and underutilized apps; StackShine also saves you time with an easy-to-use software catalog for employees, alerts for newly discovered software and upcoming renewal dates, automated employee offboarding, and more!

Learn how School of Motion saved thousands on day one with StackShine

“We grew so quickly and before we knew it we had no idea what apps were being used by our team or what the total costs were. Solving this problem manually was going to be a nightmare, StackShine has been a game changer for us.”


Software catalog

Provide a centralized and convenient way for employees to request software access.

Automated alerts

Get notified of new subscriptions, upcoming renewals, unusual charges, and more for proactive software management.

Powerful reporting

View spending, usage, activity, and licenses at aggregate and department levels for full visibility.

Security monitoring

Receive security alerts if any software you depend on has been breached.

Employee offboarding

Automatically remove employees from integrated software and see exactly where to remove loose-end access.

Simple collaboration

Invite workspace administrators to collectively manage vendors, uncover expenses, track budgets, and a lot more.

Subscription calendar

See the timing of past and future software expenses for simple and accurate budgeting.

File management

Central repository for contracts, invoices, and files you need when reviewing a vendor.