2022 Accounting Tech Summit On Demand
September 2022 Accounting Tech On Demand

Get access to the September 2022 Accounting Tech Summit.

During LeaseQuery’s Accounting Tech Summit, accounting and finance thought leaders discussed current challenges and frequently asked questions regarding technology and the accounting industry. Each session offered information on how to leverage technology to help with daily accounting tasks and maintain compliance to the new lease accounting standards post-transition. Attendees also heard from a variety of industry experts on common lease accounting topics, the importance of financial tech integration, and using software to facilitate lease accounting management.

Featured Sessions:

  • Ask the Accounting Expert Panel – How Technology Can Enable Your Accounting Functions
  • Technology for Lease Accounting after Adoption
  • Lease Accounting Software: Identifying What’s Critical

Key Takeaways

Identify how software can aid in the lease accounting transition process

Gain insight on common accounting challenges and how software can enable your Excel use

Recognize the importance of maximizing or integrating with your current systems to effectively manage your lease

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